Pixies: Where is My Mind, Live 2004

The Pixies reunited in 2004 for a triumphant worldwide tour that saw the band playing better than ever, injecting the classic songs with renewed energy and universal critical response.

Foghorn Leghorn: Sock A Doodle Do

Circa 1952, RT 7:16.

A prize-fighting banty rooster, so slap-happy that he goes into a punching spree whenever he hears a bell, falls out of a truck and onto the farm where Foghorn Leghorn is in the midst of his usual sparring match with the barnyard dog. Foghorn and the dog use the fighter-rooster's manic punching against each other by ringing a bell once the rooster is within striking distance of their intended victim.

Muddy Waters: Hoochie Coochie Man Live '60

The inimitable Muddy Waters performs Hoochie Coochie Man live. From the Newport Jazz Festival on July 3, 1960 in Newport, Rhode Island. Rare recording in mono from the film master.

PBS Evolution: Evolutionary Arms Race

A sub-series of the PBS program NOVA. This episode, the fourth out of seven, first aired September 1, 2001 and has a RT of 56:37.

Survival of the fittest. Raw competition? Or, a level of cooperation indispensable to life? Evolution tells us that both are important. This program explores the spiraling arms race humans have with microorganisms, the only entities that pose a threat to human existence. The program follows the struggles of medical detectives uncovering the roots of epidemics and traces the alarming spread of resistance among pathogens that cause disease, like the new virulent tuberculosisnicknamed Ebola with wings. Interactions between species are among the most powerful evolutionary forces on Earth, and understanding them may be key to human survival.

Leave Limbaugh Alone!

John Amato of CrooksAndLiars.com parodies Chris Crocker's YouTube plea to leave Britney alone...but this time for poor ol' Rush.

Eddie Izzard: British vs. U.S. Movies

Clip from Eddie Izzard "Dress to Kill" describing the glaring differences between the two countries' films and why a British Star Wars would have never taken off.